We enjoy watching birds’ delicate wings move through the fresh air, hearing birds chirping, or feeding them. However, when concerns about uncleanliness and structural damage begin to affect our state of mind, we are sure to get agitated and lose our peace of mind. This is why Pigeono came into existence to provide you peace of mind by offering humane

Pigeon Control Spikes in India


In fact, some bird species can be a real annoyance to business owners. Pest birds can spread pest-borne diseases and pose health risks in addition to inflicting structural damage.

Pigeono is a company focused on fixing problems with pest birds. We’ve been in business since 1996, with twenty-two satellite offices and over 1 lakh satisfied customers. We offer

Bird Control Spikes in Hyderabad

as well as many other cities across India. We have a strong presence in both the industrial and residential sectors, having worked with over 250 reputable businesses.

Pigeono is a brand that is dedicated to resolving pigeon related issues. Our company has been in existence since 1996, we have twenty-two satellite offices and more than 1,00,000 satisfied customers across India. We are well established in both industrial and residential sectors and have served beyond 250 reputed companies.


Our Vision

Pigeono’s mission is to provide our commercial, residential, as well as industrial customers peace of mind by offering the most proactive and complete pest control service possible in a professional, responsible, and ethical manner.

Our Mission

Our company aspires to raise the bar for business operations by focusing on providing cutting-edge products and services.


Pigeono is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. We adhere to all of the certification’s quality standards and provide our customers with the highest degree of satisfaction.


Our Philosophy

Our vision is to become the number one brand for pigeon control solutions in India.

Our Mission

Our brand aims to set new standards for its business operations and focus on developing innovative products and services.


Pigeono holds an ISO 9001:2008 certification. We maintain all the quality standards required by the certification and render our services to the customers at the highest satisfactory level.

Our Process

Get In Touch

Contact us and we will give you a call to understand your bird problem

  • Call returned within 24 hours (Monday – Saturday) 
  • Local specialists for speedy response

Once we discuss your bird problem, we will arrange an inspection if necessary, recommend the line of treatment and provide the quotation

  • Inspection at your convenience
  • Experts will carry out the inspection

The experts at Pigeono will treat the problem at your premise

  • Experienced technicians 
  • Supports environmentally friendly methods for pest bird elimination
Customer Care

24×7 support for any queries after the treatment

  • Re-inspection provided 
  • Service warranty

Why Choose Us?

  • Wide Variety of Services
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Safe Products
  • Over a decade of combined experience
  • Competitive Prices
  • Humane Solutions

Pigeono’s experts understand that removing unwanted birds from your facility, business, or home is your top priority, and we share your desire for a bird-free environment. However, we recognise the importance of balancing that priority with environmental stewardship in order to protect your family from the harmful effects of poisonous materials while also delivering efficient solutions for

Bird Control in Vadodara


After evaluating your home or company to identify the problematic birds, what attracts them to your home, and their port of entrance, Pigeono creates a treatment plan specially tailored according to your individual bird problem. Pigeono is an excellent as well as the most distinguished

Spike technology provider in Hyderabad

, India.

We utilise botanical and low-risk goods when we need to employ bird control products to limit the danger of unwanted responses for you and the environment. The good news is that the products we use are both safe and effective, so you can be assured that they will fix your bird’s problem while causing no harm to you.

Most importantly, our highly qualified technicians are the most valuable resource for providing exceptional customer care. We get to know our customers’ surroundings and specific needs, and we build long-term business relationships based on our strengths and beliefs.