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Reason for Bird Control

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Reason for Bird Control
Dropping on the Ground:
Dropping-covered walkways can be very slippery, presenting a dangerous potential for slip and fall accident and lawsuits. Dropping & Nesting materials-related expenses include: cleaning/repair of machinery and structures, repackaging of damaged items, labour cost and liability costs for slip & fall accidents, and many more. A negative image is presented to your customers when buildings, signs or walkways become littered with nesting debris and bird droppings.
Clogged Drains:
During heavy rains, clogged drains can spell disaster if water accumulates on a roof.
Work stoppage:
Workers regularly refuse to perform their duties on equipment that is covered with droppings, causing potential down time or extra maintenance charges.
Birds are noisy even two pigeons roosting on a ledge will coo loudly in the early morning hours.