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PigeoNO Spikes – Protect Exteriors from Pest Birds
Is your property getting affected by the bird problem? For the best bird prevention PigeoNO has come up with a bird repellent name Spike Guard. Pigeon Spikes from PigeoNO are 100% efficient, maintenance free and one stop solution to bird problem. If you want to halt the birds landing on rooftops edges, window sills, ledges, chimneys or any other area where they can build nest then spike guard will be the solution for you. Pigeon Spikes are the well-researched product that gives guaranteed solution to control the damage done by birds.
How do PigeoNO Spikes work?
The spike technology creates an artificial barrier that prevents birds from landing, roosting or perching on the corners. The spike guard is made for HDP/LLDP which is a zero bio-degradable material that is economical, safe to install and non-corrosive. Also, the pigeon spikes are nearly invisible from distance also it does not need power supply to stop the bird.
The pigeons control spikes are created to repel the birds and not physically harm them. Also, they make the surface uninviting and looks intimidating to the birds. Here are some of the common areas where you can install the pigeon spikes: • Window sills, ledges, and edges • Rooftop corners, parapet walls, and cornices. • Girders and Beans • Towers, masts, and porches.
PigeoNO offers practical bird prevention solution that is 100% efficient, and pocket-friendly. Just call our representative, and we will analyse the area where the pigeon spikes can be installed by using heavy duty solutions. These spike guard will stop any bird from landing or nesting on your constructed area.
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