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Is your property getting affected by the bird problem? For the best bird prevention PigeoNO has come up with a bird repellent name Spike Guard. Pigeon Spikes from PigeoNO are 100% efficient, maintenance free and one stop solution to bird problem. If you want to halt the birds landing on rooftops edges, window sills, ledges, chimneys or any other area where they can build nest then spike guard will be the solution for you. Pigeon Spikes are the well-researched product that gives guaranteed solution to control the damage done by birds.

Pigeono Products, Pigeon Control Products, Bird Netting, Bird Control Netting
PigeoNo is a leading organization for manufacturing optimum quality pigeon net. This bird repellent net is made using the high-quality material so that it will prevent the birds entering the covered premises without harming them. Also, these nets are manufactured in large sizes which are very useful in covering agricultural fields to keep them safe from birds.
Pigeono Products, Pigeon Control Products, PVC Strips, PVC Control Strips

If you own a hotel, food industry, pharmacy or chemical industry, you must know about the importance of good quality of PVC Strip Curtains. These simple looking object keeps dust at bay and great bird repellent. PigeoNo is a leading manufacturer and supplier of PVC Strip Curtains that is made with finest material, latest tool and technology that makes the curtains with precision. Our products are highly acclaimed in the market and our clients are always satisfied with the superb finish product.