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Pigeono Group Company holding ISO 9001:2008 Certification in Gujarat. We were prompted to develop a new convenient product by which we can tackle the problem of pigeons at the same time either not killing or hurting this bird. Our continued research and efforts in this field for quite some time finally gave us a positive by which we could develop a new product by name “PIGEONO”, which covers all the plus points compared with conventional method for preventing the disturbances of birds, especially pigeons. This method is widely accepted and the same is performing successfully. Pigeono a leading online bird spike dealer in vadodara for all your bird nuisances.
Join Hands with pigeono- one of the leading latest spikes technology provider company in India.
Our Products:
  • Plastic Spikes: 100% humane and results in absolutely no harm to the birds whatsoever. It is just as cost effective, as it is simple, proficient and easy to install.
  • Pigeono Plastic Spikes: Adhesive glue of herculean strength, it sticks to any surface without hassle and remains so for a long time. zero bio-degradable material, economical, safe to use, maintenance free and available in variety of colors.
Why to asscoiate with Pigeono?
  • We are the leading Bird Control Service Provider in India.
  • Our years of experience we offer large number of pigeon problems solution to effectively tackle the bird problems easily.
  • Providing the best technology to protect your house, warehouse and exterior elegance
  • We are in this field for the last over 20 years and are successfully handled Pigeons Control Jobs
Pigeono offers you the assurance of:
  • No More Bird Droppings
  • Maintaining Aesthetics of Your Property
  • Zero Running Cost
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Lifelong Bird Stopper
  • Ultimate Bird Proofing Solutions
  • Anti Roosting Spikes
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